3 Unique DIY Wedding Hair Accessories

There’s something magical about planning your own wedding, from choosing a venue, deciding on music and designing a menu, to practising your makeup, picking out shoes and planning your honeymoon.

I was a DIY bride; I designed the stationery, made the decor and roped my family in to help set up the venue on the morning of my wedding. It wasn’t someone else’s idea of what a wedding should be, it was what we wanted it to be.

I know things can get a bit stressful when you’re planning your own wedding, so in honour of the DIY brides, here are 3 unique hair accessories to make yourself, for yourself…

x K

 1. Silk and Lace Blossom Pin Tutorial
Silk and Lace Blossom Pin by weddingchicks.com

2. Aphrodite Crochet Beaded Headdress Pattern
Aphrodite Crochet Beaded Headdress by Coats and Clark

3. DIY Boho Feather Hair Grip

Fall For DIY Feather Hair Grip

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