3 DIY Journals To Make Before Your Next Vacation

Travel journals are great to take with you on vacation, whether you’re into scrapbooking or not. You can use them to keep notes, jot down plans or collect receipts, photos and mementos of your trip. Handmade journals can be customised with your favourite colours and textures, and you can get really creative with the book binding too.

Here are three quick, easy, DIY handmade journals that you can take with on your travels… I’d love to see photos of your finished journals!

x K

1.  Japanese Bookbinding by Lia Griffith

DIY Notebooks - Lia Griffith

2.  DIY Journal with Fabric Cover by Mama Says Sew

DIY Handmade Journal - www.makeit-loveit.com

3.  DIY Travel Journal Tutorial by The Frugal Crafter

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