Welcome to Hello Madeline!

This is where I will share some of the interesting things I come across in my quest to locate talented artists in South Africa.

handMadeline is where I sell the items that I come across on behalf of the artists. It’s the bridge between handcrafters and shoppers in South Africa, where many talented artists don’t have access to the Internet or the resources they need to make a living from their crafts.

My aim is to provide the general public with a way to buy high-quality handmade gifts, decor, clothing, accessories and collectible items online, and to provide handcrafters with a way to sell their art to people who appreciate the unique aspects of their designs. I want to replace the demand for imported mass-produced products with a demand for locally-made, handmade crafts.

All the items that you find on handmadeline.co.za are made in South Africa and are available in very limited quantities.

If you have any questions about this blog or my store, please don’t hesitate to contact me.

x Kim