8 Polymer Clay Creations That Break The Mould

When was the last time you played with clay? Do you still remember how the clay felt in your hands? And the smell?

I started out doing some research on pottery and ceramics (for this blog post) when I came across a doll sculpted from polymer clay. It looked so much like porcelain that at first I thought it must have been mislabeled. I dug a little deeper into the realm of polymer clay art and came across so many different styles and so many exquisite pieces… So far removed from the polymer clay sun and moon necklaces that I remember from the 90’s.

This collection showcases some of the incredible talent out there, ranging from handcrafted jewellery and ornaments to art and handmade dolls. I’ve even thrown in a link to a polymer clay project by South Africa’s Manda Theart if you’re interested in giving it a go yourself.

Of course, I always love seeing what you create, so have fun and please remember to share your masterpiece when it’s done!

x K

Diva Designs Inc – Handmade Polymer Clay Jewellery

Polymer Clay Earrings - DivaDesignsInc

Out of Time – Handmade Polymer Clay Beads

Polymer clay beads - www.outoftimedesigns.com

VaniLlamaArt – Polymer Clay Barn Owl Necklace

Polymer clay owl necklace - www.vanillamaart.com

Life Dance Creations – Polymer Clay Fox Totems

Polymer clay fox totems - www.lifedancecreations.deviantart.com

Miss Woodruff – Polymer Clay Doll

Miss Woodruff polymer clay doll - www.dearlittledolliesltd.com

Stonehouse Studio – Fine Polymer Clay Jewellery

Polymer Clay Jewellery - Stonehouse Studio

Angela Schwer – Floral Polymer Clay Sculptures

Polymer clay floral sculpture - Angela Schwer

Beginner DIY Polymer Clay Tutorial
by Manda Theart
in Craftwise magazine (issue 109)

Polymer clay sculpture by Manda Theart - www.tucats.co.za

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