5 Of My Favourite Free Hand-Drawn Fonts

Most graphic designers have a personal collection of favourite go-to fonts and typefaces that they prefer to use (and also a collection of fonts that they absolutely refuse to use). My list gets updated regularly, not because trends change but because new fonts are designed every day that push the boundaries of creativity and quality.

These are my current top 5 hand-drawn display fonts for 2016. Some are free for personal use and commercial use, some just for personal use. Find the download links underneath each image.

Do you have favourite fonts that you prefer to use?

x K


Sitka Free Font - Hustle Supply Co - handMadeline.co.zaSitka by the Hustle Supply Co


Arabella Free Font - MySunday - handMadeline.co.zaArabella by MySunday Type Foundry


Liberal Hand Free Font - Tom Chalky - handMadeline.co.zaLiberal Hand by Tom Chalky


Cabana Free Font - Adrien Coquet - handMadeline.co.zaCabana by Adrien Coquet


CutePunk Free Font - handMadeline.co.zaCute Punk by CutePunk and Flou

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