3 SA Craft Blogs (and the Fall of South African Crafts)

Something weird is up with the South African craft scene. South Africans aren’t making as much as before, and although there’s a drive to support local, South African’s are buying handmade items from larger profit-driven businesses rather than from the actual crafters who need the moola.

Isn’t the point of supporting local to fight against mass-produced, commercialised stuff? Don’t be a clone. Don’t support clones. Here’s how you can support local artists:

  • Subscribe to the digital versions of Craftwise and Stitches magazines, delivered to your inbox (available in most shops too, if youi prefer to buy a physical magazine)
  • Follow and support local craft bloggers and YouTubers
  • Next time you’re looking for ways to entertain a group of people, consider hiring a local artist to present a DIY workshop
  • Buy handmade gifts from markets or studios, or small online stores (craft books and magazines also make great gifts)
  • Share. If you see something you love, share the artist’s details on social media and help them earn their living

Here are three South African bloggers who make their own stuff and show you how to do it yourself… Enjoy!

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Just Four More MinuteshandMadeline.co.za - Just Four More Minutes

Things Dee Loves

handMadeline.co.za - Things Dee Loves

Mie’s Art & CraftshandMadeline.co.za - Mie's Art and Crafts

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