10 Warm Winter Knits (With Personality!)

Winter is fast approaching and it’s with great excitement that I stand here, with open arms, waiting to welcome it in a warm embrace of knitted comfort!

Why so much eagerness for the cold? Well, because I live at the coast in South Africa where the weather is superb… for those who like to spend hours on the beach. Me, I prefer a fireplace, hot chocolate, scarves, gloves, coats and cuddling. And I love that the winter clothing styles show so much more creativity and personality too… Terrific climate my foot. I will stand my ground and I will continue to do what I do every year: Pretend it’s cold enough for me to wear ALL the wonderful winter knits!

So in anticipation for the icy chill, these are some of the handmade winter warmers that caught my eye…

x K

From my own shop: handMadeline Spirit Hoods

Faux fur animal spirit hoods and hats - www.handmadeline.co.za

NickNacky Wrist Cuffs

Knitted gloves from NickNacky

Shenzhen Lezu Fingerless Gloves

Fingerless button gloves from Shenzhen Lezu

Wayamber Octopus Monster Hat and Gloves

Octopus monster hat from Wayamber

Jackie Moon Arm Warmers (Pattern)

Arm warmers by Jackie Moon

Bonita Patterns Crochet Baby Booties (Pattern)

Crochet baby booties by Bonita

Cali Couture Patterns Knitted Cowl (Pattern)

Knitted Cowl with Hood by CaliCouturePatterns

Scarfashion Infinity Scarf

Infinity scarf by Scarfashion

EVOKnit Super Chunky Scarf

Super chunky oversized scarf by EVOKnit

1215Clothing Knitted Leg Warmers

Knitted leg warmers by 1215Clothing

… and I have to stop here, because I can go on for ever…

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