Support a Local Artist This Christmas

It’s not my aim to discuss politics on this blog. Having said that, I’m not going to deny that South Africa is in some economical trouble. My view has nothing to do with race, culture, background, history or social status. My view has everything to do with identity.

We’ve all heard it before, to the point where it often just sounds like words without meaning: We are not our skin colour. We are South African. As much as it may seem cliche, I believe this is the key to our country’s failure or success. We need to stop talking about the surface topics, stop getting involved arguing opinions, and start making a conscious effort to DO something to make things right. “How?” you might ask.

By helping each other survive, and then thrive.

Starting today, take mental notes of the things you buy and the things you consume… Where does the product come from? Where does your money go? The main goal of this exercise is twofold: choose to spend your money on things that do less harm to the planet, and choose to spend your money on things that will help our own economy.

This holiday season is a good a place to start as any – choose to buy your Christmas gifts from local artists, crafters, producers and manufacturers. Support small businesses. Encourage entrepreneurship, effort and creativity.

Buy local.

x K

PS: handMadeline only sells locally-made items from local artists. If you know of anyone who needs a hand selling their unique handmade items, please give me a shout.

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