Inspiration: Handmade Soap

Admittedly, soap wasn’t something that I used to get overly excited about. Until my mother gave me a bar of her handmade soap to try… My word.

I did some research into the types of soaps that you can make at home, and the benefits of the various ingredients that you can choose from (antioxidants and vitamins are just the basics – specific ingredients can help solve itchiness, dryness and skin conditions such as excema, acne etc.). Now when I look at a bar of handmade soap I don’t just see good personal hygiene, I see, feel and smell delicious, healthy logic.

If you’d like to try your hand at making your own, I thought this beginner’s tutorial was perfect for learning how to make cold process soaps.

And if you’re in the mood for buying, these are some of the different handmade soaps that I would like to see in my Christmas stocking…

x K

The Fat Quarter Store (Special Edition: Lemongrass and Cape May)

Handmade soap from

Lovely Body (Spearmint Eucalyptus Traveler’s Soap Petals)

Traveler's soap petals from LovelyBody

Sweet n Charming Soaps (Ombre Soap)

Ombre soap from Sweet n Charming Soaps

Rustic Joy Soap (Luxury Men’s Soap Set)

Men's soap from Rustic Joy Soap

And for the pure torture of it: Candlelit Desserts (Mini Doughnut Soaps)

Mini doughnut soaps by Candlelit Desserts

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