Inspiration: Well hello, Dolly!

If I say the word “doll”, what springs to mind? Your childhood companion? A Barbie doll? A rag doll? A horror movie?

If it’s the latter, I can’t help you. However, if any of the others sprang to mind, have a look at some of these works of art… From fabric dolls, knitted dolls, rag dolls, needle felted dolls and primitive dolls, to One of a Kind (OOAK) dolls and art dolls… each carefully and lovingly handcrafted by someone, each with their own style and personality.

If you have a handmade doll that means something to you, I’d love it if you could share a photo with me!

x K

Yuli (Laska Dolls)

Laska dolls from Yuli -

Mary Jane’s Tea Room (Knitted Dolls – Pattern)

Knitted dolls from Mary Jane's Tea Room

The Busl Barn (Rag Dolls)

Rag dolls from the Busl Barn

MaPoupeeCherie (Art Dolls)

Art Dolls from MaPoupeeCherie

Lina Macijauskiene (OOAK Dolls)

OOAK Art Dolls from Lina Macijauskiene

Xeider Dolls (Art Dolls)

Art dolls from Xeider Dolls

Dolls Little Angels (Cloth Dolls)

Cloth Dolls from Dolls Little Angels

Sweet Meadows Farm (Primitive Dolls – Pattern)

Primitive Dolls from Sweet Meadows Farm

Gingermelon (Needle Felted Dolls – Pattern)

Needle Felted Dolls from Gingermelon

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