DIY: Felt Coasters from Scraps

I have a thing for interesting coasters. The thing is that I don’t own any. Whenever I put my glass down on top of a magazine or phone bill, I think to myself “I really should make some coasters”.

Coasters come in all shapes, sizes and forms. My folks have a set of round wooden coasters that feature different hand-painted French scenes, and they’ve been in the family for longer than anyone can remember. Glass coasters are also popular for some reason (I used to have a set but they found legs when I moved house) but IMO they aren’t as practical as fabric because if your glass contains something cold, the condensation drips down and pools at the bottom of the glass… It’s easy to spot someone who uses glass coasters by the drops of water on the front of their shirt!

To me, the perfect coaster is made of felt. Here’s my collection of interesting felt coasters, along with the DIY instructions… If you complete yours before I get around to making mine, please take a snapshot and share it with me!

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crazy coasters

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