DIY: Crochet Dreamcatchers

Originally, dreamcatchers were handmade by Native Americans using willow hoops and a web of sinew or cordage made from plants and decorated with symbolic items, including feathers and beads. They were used to protect the sleeper from bad dreams; the idea being that good dreams would pass through the centre and bad dreams would be caught in the web, dissolving in the morning sunlight.

Today, dreamcatchers have been adopted by many modern cultures, some for the symbolism and some purely for the aesthetics.

This is a collection of some of the more unique handmade crochet dreamcatchers that I’ve found on my online journey… If you’re brave enough to give it a try, there’s even a DIY tutorial showing you show to make your own crochet dreamcatcher!

I’m keen to see how yours turn out – please remember to take a snapshot and share it!

x K


Inspiration: CleanSl8


DIY: Crochet Dreamcatcher Tutorial


DIY: Crochet Dreamcatcher Tutorial Video

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