Inspiration: Beaded Coasters and Tiles

I feel like I need to whisper this in a dark alley in the middle of the night where I can’t be overheard… The truth is, I’m not the greatest Pinterest fan. I’m sure if fashion or trends were my thing I would feel differently, but when I search for unique handmade items I find far more creative inspiration from browsing Etsy stores than I do on Pinterest. BUT, having said that, now and then a trend will emerge on Pinterest that I can’t ignore… Cue Perler / Hama beads.

As I mentioned in a previous post, I have a thing for coasters. I also appreciate clever bead work. There are some really clever crafters out there who combine the two while adding a touch of their own personal style.

What I find exciting about this is that these beaded coasters don’t need to be JUST coasters – the designs can be framed as they are to make quirky art, or use a square design to make your own beaded tile!

If you’re in South Africa and wondering where to find Perler / Hama beads in your area, here’s a list of suppliers.

These are some of the beaded coasters and tiles that attracted my attention. Would you make these? What would you change?

x K

Ein stueck vom glueck (DIY Tutorial – use Google Translate)

DIY tutorial for Perler Hama Bead coasters -

Emil un die Grossen Schwestern (DIY Tutorial – use Google Translate)

DIY tutorial for coasters made from Perler Hama beads -

Got to have it

Pink beaded hearts -

Blue beaded coasters -

Lilie Swee

Perler Hama bead coasters - Fruit


Perler Hama bead coasters - Blue Stars

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