5 Cute DIY Gift Bags (with instructions)

So it’s Sunday evening, you’ve been super busy the last few weeks and you’ve only just remembered that it’s your best friend’s birthday tomorrow! And the shops are already closed! What to do?!

You could hop online quickly and get her a gift card. Oooor… you could bake her some of those famous choc chip biscuits that she loves… But what would you wrap it in?

Grab your crafting supplies!

Here are 5 quick and easy (and very creative) ideas for DIY gift bags and gift wrap. Re-purpose some leftover materials from your previous projects and add a personal touch with designs or colours that will evoke a trip down memory lane…

[These gift bags and boxes can also be modified a bit for Christmas presents!]

x K

1. Fabric Gift Bag Tutorial

DIY Fabric Gift Bag - handmadiya.com

2. Woven Gift Wrap Tutorial

Woven Gift Wrap - Minieco.co.ukjpg

3. DIY Pyramid Boxes

DIY Pyramid Mini Gift Boxes - ecreativeideas.com

4. Paper Gift Bag Tutorial

DIY Gift Bag - hellosandwich

5. DIY Goblet Boxes from Cups

DIY Goblet Box from Cups - gedane.over-blog.com

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