13 Ceramic Creations That Make You Question Reality

When I was younger my parents had a pottery studio at home, complete with wheels and kilns, so I learned to appreciate the tactile nature of clay and ceramics from a young age. I’ve always thought it was something that I’d like to continue as an adult, but somehow life gets in the way. So instead of making my own ceramic art, I marvel at the ingenuity of others.

There’s a line between functional and creative that not everyone is able or willing to cross, and sometimes the merging of the two produces something that makes you question what you thought you knew. The thing that draws me in is how an artist uses a particular medium in a way that convinces you that it’s something else. In this case, using ceramics and porcelain to mimic the movement of fabric, or the characteristics of tin.

Here are some of the handmade, handcrafted ceramics that caught my attention. Which is your favourite?

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Kina Ceramic Design

Ceramics by Kina Ceramic Design

Judi Tavill Ceramics

Ceramic cculpture by Judi Tavill Ceramics

Sakiyama Takayuki

Sakiyama Takayuki Chôtô Listening to the Waves

Jennifer McCurdy

Wheel Thrown Porcelain by Jennifer McCurdy

Golem Designs

Organic ceramic fruit bowl by Golem Designs

Fringe and Fettle

Ceramic honey pot - Fringe and Fettle

Fresh Pottery

Ceramic tin pitcher by Fresh Pottery

Kara Leigh Ford

Handmade ceramic teaspoons by Kara Leigh Ford


Porcelain loop necklace by Artmind

Mollie Bosworth

Ceramic jewellery by Mollie Bosworth

CRM Ceramics

Handbuilt ceramics using inlay, screenprinting and coloured clay by CRM Ceramics

Fine Little Day

Handmade ceramic glazed feather by Sofia Nohlin

And this post that I wrote a while back,
mostly for its cute gift-ability.
(This ceramic plant holder is the
work of Hinkleville)


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