The 10 Coolest Pet Beds

Those who know me well know that my little French bulldog is a very integral part of my life. She watches movies with me on the couch, she hangs out next to me when I work, she even travels with me in the car, in her very own dog hammock.

Well now it’s winter and the time has come for me to invest in a new dog bed – one that befits the level of Awesome that my dog exudes. I was looking for inspiration for handmade pet beds when I came across these clever ideas. I can see they were designed by people who understand cats and dogs, and how fussy they can be about finding just the right spot to sleep in. So without further ado…

This is my list of 10 coolest pet beds, for dogs and cats and even small pets like hedgehogs!

If you have a clever pet bed idea, please do share it, I’d love to see it!

x K

The Luxury Dog Snuggle

Dog Bed - Charley Chau - Style Tails

The Cat Cocoon

Cat Bed - vaivanat

The Modern Dog House

Dog Bed - Hello Pets

City Chic Dog Tent


The Hedgehog / Small Pet Cave

Hedgehog Small Pet Bed - SimplicityOfFelt

Wooden Cat Shelf (author unknown)

Cat Bed - Hative

Handmade Wool Pet Basket

Cat Bed - Ohhio

Quilted Pet Cover

Dog Bed - Touch of Class

The ‘Cat’hedral

Cat Bed - Yanko Design

The Cat Cave

Cat Bed - AgnesFelt

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